To put it simply, I am an artist who works in oil and watercolour. It's my trade and what I am good at. I have exhibited and I sell my paintings globally, most regularly to the USA, Canada, Europe, UK, Japan and Australia. To scratch beneath the surface, however, I would describe my art less as something I do and more as something I carry inside of me. I have taken it everywhere I go and my life's work has been to articulate its expression with ever greater degrees of truth and beauty.

This urge has been with me my entire life and the prime motivator of my existence since I was a child. It has been in command of me more than myself- the motivation for living alone for most of my life, the driver behind my self education. Originally from a small impoverished town called Barysh, I hitchhiked to Moscow at the age of sixteen to live independently and work as an artist.

My work is an attempt to isolate the subconscious. This is not to suggest a trained psychoanalytical reading but a desire to create a communication with the primal, ancient and permanent. Not that I never draw on my past, quite the contrary. It has been said that the present is always in the process of interpreting the past, and as such my work is inevitably informed by my experiences. But equally it is no more intended biographically any more than it is sociopolitical commentary on the poverty in the outskirts of Russia. That is merely data collected from experience, a part of the process of reaching beyond the threshold of consciousness. From concept to brush stroke, every aspect of my art is an effort to capture purer expression and to permit greater control over instinct.


1998 Young Artists of Povolzhie, collective exhibition /Samara
2003 Prazskay gallery, solo exhibition / Moscow
2005 Sontzevo Art Centre, collective exhibition / Moscow
2007 Bulgakov House, Animal Rights exhibition /Moscow
2009 DK Russ, solo exhibition / Colomna
2012 Private Party solo exhibition / Saint Petersburg
2015 Best Young Photographers, collective exhibition /Moscow
2017 A living Space, solo show / Moscow

Collection List:

Private collection, New York USA
Private collection, Pittsburgh USA
Private collection, San Francisco USA
Private collection, Los Angeles USA
Private collection, London UK
Private collection, Cambridge UK
Private collection, Bath UK
Private collection, Manchester UK
Private collection, Warwickshire UK
Private collection, Tokyo Japan
Private collection, Berlin Germany
Private collection, Montreal Canada
Private collection, Winnipeg Canada
Private collection, Toronto Canada
Private collection, Dublin Ireland
Private collection, Bogota Colombia
Private collection, Moscow Russia
Private collection, Saint Petersburg Russia