For me, the process of painting in watercolour is similar to when an image appears on photo paper. When developing a photograph, we receive a visible image from a hidden one. I do the same thing with watercolour, using another type of sensitive material. I like to create watercolours in a darkened room, under the dim light of a table lamp. I use only small pieces of paper, because this format reminds me about private photos and family albums. I also like feeling of intimacy in my works. I use a strong, moist surface and the colours spread and control over the final result is lost. Instead of painting a watercolour picture, I allow it to appear. Image-10_v2.jpg (1).jpg (1).jpg (1).jpg Image-1_v2.jpg Image-11_v2.jpg Image-1 copy_v2.jpg Image-5 copy_v2.jpg Image-7_v2.jpg