My art falls within the realm of neo-romanticism, where emotionally charged images serve as a vehicle to convey my worldview. I often explore themes of childhood pain, displacement, and the anxiety of being away from home, albeit indirectly. My chosen medium for this exploration? Animals and mythological creatures, which act as totems for my lyrical heroes or become my alter egos.

In my works, the world appears ephemeral and fragile, as if teetering on the brink of disappearance. This highlights the spontaneous nature of my painting, a quality I've come to embrace. I rarely predetermine the outcome of my work, allowing the paint to flow freely on paper or canvas. However, despite this spontaneity, I adhere strictly to my artistic logic when it comes to plot and emotional tension, ensuring that I create precisely the intended emotions.

Within my mysterious world lies a semantic system that is intuitively understandable. Drawing from European culture, where animals often symbolize specific concepts or qualities, my works resonate with viewers on a deeper level, evoking familiar yet enigmatic emotions.