This art series is a deeply personal and reflective exploration of my experiences as a homeless person in Moscow during the early 2000s. The lack of stability and space in my life during this time greatly shaped my artworks, as I was often forced to create with limited resources and in unconventional spaces.

I primarily worked with pencils and pens, often stealing them from the occasional jobs I had. When I had access to colored pencils, I would use them to add a layer of vibrancy and emotion to my sketches. The mediums I used reflect the transient and uncertain nature of my life at the time.

The subject matter of these artworks were largely inspired by the places I found myself sleeping in and the people I met there. My drawings often began as sketches of the odd places I found myself in, but as I worked on them, my imagination would take me in completely different directions. Despite this, traces of the bleak reality I was living in can still be seen in the final works. They also express my desire to find peace and balance in the marginalized world I lived in.

The influences on my artistic style during this period were heavily influenced by surrealists, Northern Renaissance painters, and book illustrators such as Gustave Doré. Their styles helped me to convey the sense of otherworldliness and fantasy that I felt in my own life. This period of my art is a reflection of my struggle to survive and make meaning out of a difficult and uncertain time in my life.